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TypeScript class for UI callback functions and the Web API
JSON to XML / XML to JSON conversion in .NET Core
Use XML format with ASP.NET Core web APIs
Convert XML data to JSON and return it from Web API
Accept / Reject File Upload Depending Upon XML Schema Validation
Invoke ASP.NET Web API using TypeScript and XMLHttpRequest
Use XML Data Format In ASP.NET Web API
Read the application's configuration in ASP.NET Core
Convert JSON and XML markup into C# classes using Visual Studio
Use XMLHttpRequest to Call ASP.NET Web API
Displaying File Upload Progress using jQuery UI Progressbar Widget
Content Negotiation in Web API
Making HTTP Requests in Windows Store Apps
Developing a Database Driven Accordion Menu Using WCF and jQuery
Manipulating DOM using jQuery
Working with Binary Large Objects (BLOBs) Using SQL Server and ADO.NET
Using LINQ in ASP.NET (Part 1)
Working with the XML Data Type of SQL Server
Consuming Web Service using ASP.NET AJAX
Review: Professional LINQ
Using Syndication Classes to Generate RSS Feeds
Using Syndication Classes to Read RSS Feeds
Persisting State Information
Developing AJAX based popup notifications
Consuming Web Service Using ASP.NET AJAX
Creating HTTP Handler Factory for serving RSS and ATOM feeds
Modifying Web.config file programmatically
Using an external configuration source in Web.config
Client Callbacks in ASP.NET 2.0
Forms Authentication Against An XML File
Consuming RSS feeds on your web site
Creating RSS feeds for your web site
Web Service Authentication Via SOAP Headers
Creating Lookup Screens using ASP.NET, XML and JavaScript
Using XML Web Control
XML Serialization using C#
Creating Web Services in ASP.NET
Reading and Writing XML Documents in .NET
Introduction to XSL
Introduction to XML Namespaces and Schema
Using XML with ASP
SAX 2.0 Programming with Visual Basic
Introduction to XML
Introduction to XML DOM

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