N-Tier Applications and .NET: A Simple Example


Many days back I wrote an articled titled N-Tier Applications and .NET with an explanation of basic concepts involved in developing N-Tier application. I received feedback from many many readers that they liked the article and requested a sample application illustrating the concepts discussed. Here is that sample!

Sample Application

The sample application consists of three projects

  • NTierDemo
  • NTierDemo.BOL
  • NTierDemo.DAL

The first project represents a presentation layer, the second and third layers represent business logic layer and data access layer respectively.

The sample consists of a simple web form that acts as a data entry screen for Customers table of Northwind database. The form allows to Insert, Update and Delete records to the Customers table.

Downloading and running the application

You can download the complete source code above (see top of this article).

Before you run the application at your end make sure that the web application project is marked as IIS application. Also, ensure that the database connection string is changed as per your requirements.

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Posted On : 20 March 2005

Tags : ASP.NET Architecture Components