Accessing Database Via MTS Components

What is Connection Pooling?

Connection pooling is recycling of available database connections.Connection pooling is always per user basis i.e. connections set by user A can not be used by user B. Generally, a seperate NT account is create for use by MTS components.

What is general rule while using database connections?

Connect to database as late as possible and release the connection as early as possible

What are Firehose cursors?

Firehose cursors are ADO recordset objects with following properties :

  • Cursorlocation : aduseServer
  • Cursortype : adOpenForwardOnly
  • LockType : adLockReadOnly
  • Cachesize : 1

When such cursors are created the recordset values are returned generally using GetString or GetRows method of the recordset

What is disconnected recordset?

Disconnected recordsets are ADO recordsets with following properties

  • Cursorlocation : adUseClient
  • Cursortype : adOpenStatic
  • LockType : adLockBatchOptimistic

Also, you need to set the activeconnection to nothing once you run the query.

set rs.ActiveConnection=nothing
set myfunction=rs

Note that update method on disconnected recordset updates records from the recordset only. To update the changes to the database you must call updatebatch method.

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Posted On : 18 December 2000

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